Thursday, March 7, 2013

Indiecade - Our first showing!

Well we finally did it and came into the big bright real world, and showed our game at the NYC Indiecade festival on Feb 17th.

The last few weeks we have been in a different work mode, creating promotional materials, a small FMV, a website, and a new game preview video. With this we were as ready as we could be and luckily we got a slot to show Organic in a nice area where we hooked it up to a big screen.

Towards the end, it quietened down
Damon Demoing the game
Pointing at a wall!

 You can see the setup here, we had the auditorium for 3 hours or so, and there was a lot of traffic passing through the area. The game generated a lot of enthusiasm, questions, discussions, and connections. Also the kids there got really excited about it, and were lining up to play it.
Overall  It was very encouraging after so many years of work to get such good feedback, and enthusiasm. It was a really good start and a great way to introduce the game to the outside world.

Coming soon our brand new promo video...

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