Tuesday, May 6, 2014

PAX East (2014) and New Artwork

PAX East 2014

We went to PAX East and had our first booth ever for Organic Panic, the reception we got was just incredible, the booth was none stop packed for 3 days, just amazing to watch, we had lines leading out of our booth into the main walkway! the reception the game got was just more than we could have hoped for, to be honest it was a little humbling!

Here are some of the key moments -

Setting up the booth

The coming storm!

Organic Panic booth starting

I already look tired!

Alex with a huge Elf


Damon has no idea how to stop them :-)

More and more and more

Freedom from crowds!

More and more and more


More Lines


80,000 Gamers!

Ground crew

From a distance


Someone actually playing Organic Panic!

Branch Bro's (very tired!)

More lines - 3x days - you get the idea


I worked closely with our character concept artist Chris to create a whole new set of character art, full color action shots, logos in preparation for the games release.

 Kiwi making waves

Carrot 'I'm a Twisted firestarter'

Coconut gettin hot 'n bothered

Don't mess with Cherry!

All Together Now

New Logo

Bad Guys and Logo

Bad Meats 'n Cheese

Moving Mountains (or going through them!), Opening the Seas, and burning the house down!

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