Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Here's a Nasty Piece of Work...

Here we introduce Organic Panic's evil antagonists (bad guy enemies!)

As with our protagonists our enemies development was also greatly helped by one of our concept artist Jesse Aclin, he really helped give these characters their creative mean streak, and brought them to life.

Again I will try to render out some of the cool animations for these characters in the following weeks.

The evil antagonists are jealous of our Organic Fruit and Veg's magical powers, they are always seeking to control, dominate and subjugate them through the use of their technological weaponry and aggression.
Cheddar Chunk - Ramboid in style but fighting to suppress freedom!

Cheese Wedge - Cowardly/Sneaky dynamite pusher

Ham Shank - Mean Mafia henchman with a Uzi
Gorgonzola - Riot Police gone really Bad (and Smelly!)

Hot Dog - Evil Tech dog uses a Jetpack and Flamethrower

Meatball - Frantic, Frenzied Kamikaze roller!
T-Bone Steak - Slow Boxing Has-been, and not too bright
Baby Round Cheese - Evil Genius with a Electro-Gun - (currently on hold)

Please please approach with caution, these Meats 'N Cheese's have been known to cause serious health problems.