Saturday, May 18, 2013

Update - Screenshots and New YouTube Preview (Indie Spotlight)

Couple new screenshots where the camera is pulled back and more of the level is revealed...

Here Kiwi blocks the flow of water, allowing him to swim to the exit portal and drowning the bewildered Meat & Cheese.
Another Mayhem level, Kiwi needs to lure Cheddar to fire his rocket and blast a hole in the wall so he can escape.
We took these screen-grabs to help with our press releases which we should be sending out next week.

Kyle Lock of Indie Spotlight previews Organic Panic, and compares it to worms, in fact he says it looks more exciting than worms, this comparison to worms has been said before and it's really good to hear your game compared to a legendary title like Worms.

(Organic Preview starts around 2:30 seconds)

Thanks Kyle!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Kickstarter - Video shoot Day 2

On the second day we drove out to Jersey City to meet our super funky talented background and design artist Sylvia!
Sylvia has been around from the early days of Gaia and has really helped us refine and nail the cute yet dark background style. She has worked closely with Damon to get all the background elements animatable within the game. An essential part of the kickstarter campaign is hiring her to do another 10 or so more backgrounds, this helps set Organic Panic's gameplay atmosphere and story development.

Sylvia on the throne of creativity  
Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, quite well 
Joe - Ready, Steady Shoot!
Sylvia at ease in front of a camera
Damon explains what a Higgs Boson is, Sylvia does her best to listen
But eventually her eyes glaze over and Damon is on his own

And the whole crew messing up her bed (finally a shot where I'm center stage!)
In the end Sylvia turns out to be one of our most eloquent artist in front of the camera, and we got a ton of footage interviewing and just having fun with her.

Kickstarter - Video shoot Day 1

After a good amount of planning, scripting and organizing we started our first 2 days of filming for our kickstarter video. With the help of Joe, our talented cameraman/editor - we made some creative fun shoots.  It was also really good to be working with someone who knew what they were doing behind a camera, it left the 2 of us to argue/direct the shoots, although we did shoot from small digital camera's too, to give different angle's on the action. Overall we got some great footage and insights into the brilliant if slightly crazy minds of the artist...well all of us, actually!

Joe setting up the camera, lights and sound
Joe - nice smile...
Joe - scary smile, don't put a gun in this man's hands
Joe and Damon setting up
OOPS too late!
Damon ready to film
Day 1 Jesse's Place -
Our first port of call was Jesse, our character concept artist, perhaps a little shy of word but definitely not shy of pen, in no time he was cracking us up with his expressive character designs. In another post we'll go into one of the ongoing character designs for apple, currently under progress. We'll also let our  Kickstarter supporters vote for their preferred design on a new character we are currently bringing into the story.

Here Anatole clearly shows Jesse how to draw correctly!
Jesse making life where there was none before
Starting something new?
A sneak peak into a new character forming!
Day 1 Brad's Place -
After our morning visit to Jesse's place in south park-slope we took a stroll to Brad's digs about a 10 minute walk away. We couldn't believe our eyes when he opened the huge red door (from the era of horse n cart) and we went up some industrial steps to his crazy cool Brooklyn loft apartment.

Setting up the shoot
Terrapin working hard to get attention
Brad's ready!
"Gimmi the camera or the comic artist gets it"
Joe - let me just precariously climb up this ladder and fix something
Brad "Please don't fall through my window, I've just cleaned my veranda"
Day 1 - We think the shoots went pretty well, it was a good learning experience, we plan on using the footage for the initial Kickstarter promotional trailer and also a couple of insider look videos, into the processes behind Organic Panic.