Thursday, July 11, 2013

OH!! - We started our Kickstarter!

In our crazy rush to market the game, we forgot to post that we've started our Kickstarter! Two days in and we're already at 85 backers and nearly $3,000. We're expecting it will be a long uphill climb, but we're hopeful as we've got you -- our fans -- behind us.

Enough chattering. Check out the page and back us!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New HD Trailer!

In long awaited anticipation of our Kickstarter campaign (don't worry it's coming very soon) we are really proud to bring you a brand spanking new shiny HD Organic Panic Trailer!
We wanted to do this for a couple of reasons, one was we wanted to show the game in High def to really show its details, and the other was to make it a little more punchy, the last trailer was a little slower to start.
We also put in the new Last limb Logo with sound fx.
Music and sound fx were created by Brett our new music and sound fx guy!

Check it out...

To View it on YouTube (I removed the link bar in the top of the player)

Our Kickstarter is coming soon and If you like this please help us and like our Facebook page here -