Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh What a bunch of Characters...

Here's our lead player characters, rendered in 3d (which is how all the characters are animated) they are our Organic protagonists each with their own magical ability.

Our Character development was greatly helped by the superb talents of our concept artist Jesse Aclin, who really helped us give the characters their personalities. 

Below you will find some of the work already finished from concept to 3d - when I get some time I will render out some of their animations so you can see their expressions and motions more clearly.

Cherry is small and fast, perky, she fires the material she is standing on as a projectile

Coconut is a Big, strong but a little shy, his magical ability allows him to manipulate gravity
Kiwi is our Australian quack! super athletic, kiwi can swim, climb and jump like no other, he shoots water as his magical ability
Carrot is more anarchical he's a good climber and shoots fire as his magical ability
Pineapple is not bright but he is strong and can manipulate any material he is standing on (currently on hold for the alpha)

Banana can raise up a storm of wind as his magical ability (currently on hold for the alpha)
We also have some future plans for more fun fruity (or Veggie) protagonists, some current ideas are a Broccoli Granny and a Asparagus Aristocrat, but please feel free to add any ideas for characters you would like to see!

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