About Us

Last Limb Games was created by Damon and Anatole Branch in 2009, reunited to focus on our 'ground-breaking' (you can actually break the ground!) title, Organic Panic. Our mission is to create and self publish original titles, with the help from our community of fans.


 After working in various game companies in the UK, we set-up our own studio in 1998; Pukka Games. There we created a number of successful games, including Thunderbrids for GBC, and GBA. During that time we also developed various 3D technologies which were used in the creation of a number of simulations with Imagination, and Ford Motor Company.

In 2004 Damon set up a new studio in NYC, Gaia Industries, creating a number of mobile and XBLA titles, working with licensed properties like HBOs Sex and the City, Major League Baseball (MLB), and Wing Commander, together with some original titles including Street Trace NYC.