Saturday, May 18, 2013

Update - Screenshots and New YouTube Preview (Indie Spotlight)

Couple new screenshots where the camera is pulled back and more of the level is revealed...

Here Kiwi blocks the flow of water, allowing him to swim to the exit portal and drowning the bewildered Meat & Cheese.
Another Mayhem level, Kiwi needs to lure Cheddar to fire his rocket and blast a hole in the wall so he can escape.
We took these screen-grabs to help with our press releases which we should be sending out next week.

Kyle Lock of Indie Spotlight previews Organic Panic, and compares it to worms, in fact he says it looks more exciting than worms, this comparison to worms has been said before and it's really good to hear your game compared to a legendary title like Worms.

(Organic Preview starts around 2:30 seconds)

Thanks Kyle!

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