Friday, September 6, 2013

Pax Prime and Midnight City!

We have just returned from Pax Prime in Seattle. We had a really good and successful trip, considering we went without tickets to the show (which sold out in 4 hours!) or a booth to officially demo Organic Panic.

As close as we got to the water - That's not the London Eye!
I'm not sure we found Pax Prime!

Midnight City

So we have some exciting news, Last Limb games has teamed up with a new indie publisher Midnight City, which is a new division of Majesco. This is a new type of publishing model that works with developers to help us make great games. They provide support, Q&A, distribution, and marketing, while we retain full creative control and the full IP, which was the reason we worked on OP for so long in the first place! - We're both very excited and happy that this publishing model/company arrived just when we really needed it. We're not getting any direct funding from them, so until we make some sales we are on a shoestring budget still.

Here's what the media is saying about Midnight City -
Polygon (whom interviewed us and quotes us in this article)

Panorama of the Saturday night launch Party
So on Saturday night Midnight City held a launch party and we got to show our game to all those attending, press and public, it was a great night, lots of fun, dancing, pounding music and game playing! (as well as ample discourse!) - Organic Panic went down really well.

Then on Sunday we were part of the Midnight City Bus tour, well less of the tour and more at the backdoor to Pax, where we took rotation on demoing Organic Panic to press.

Then in the evening we went to a Xbox One Indie party, and played pool, looks like Microsoft and the Xbox One team are really trying to get indies on board, which is cool and we're excited to make a Xbox One version of Organic Panic.

Finally on Monday we got to look around Pax Prime itself, thanks to Casey and Adam for giving us their badges. The place was huge and there was too much to look at so we didn't get to play many games, we both felt the indie booths were the most exciting and interesting part of the whole show. I think that the Indie games were so cool, creative and original, This is where the games industry was born.
PS4 and Xbox One look nice though, pretty mega detailing going on there.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Kickstarter Successfully Funded!!

At 5:42 am Aug 8th the last day of our Kickstarter, we crossed the finish line and hit our goal!

It's been a long thirty days, but we did it. We kicked off the campaign not knowing what to expect and just crossed our fingers. When it became apparent that finger crossing doesn't get your game noticed, we started reaching out to the press, asking other Kickstarters to do cross-promotions, amping up our social media, scheduling interviews, redoing interviews, and - of course - badgering anyone and everyone for advice, feedback, suggestions, criticisms, and anything over or under the sun that might help us.

It took us twenty-six days to claw our way up to 62% of our $40K goal. With four days remaining to make up 38%, the outcome did not look good.
On Tuesday morning with two days to go we had $25K, and a somber 12 backers from the previous day; at the current rate we'd be lucky to get to $26K. The words used to describe our campaign went from "awesome game -- can't wait to play it" to "underfunded -- might not make it."
We had tried everything we could think of -- following up with press, posting to forums, reaching out to family and friends for the nth time, more hoping and finger crossing, but to little avail. It dawned on us that we had failed.
We started talking about contingency plans. What would we do now? Launch another Kickstarter? Talk with publishers? Try to borrow money? We knew we had to keep going but we were out of ideas, and to be honest we were out of energy. The constant struggle, very little sleep, and wild ups and downs were taking their toll. We were cracked out and exhausted and our remaining efforts were ultimately going to be a parade; a brave face for the fans.
Then something started happening on Tuesday. We're not quite sure what, but we imagine it has something to do with the cosmos aligning just to turn us into a good underdog story.

Some of the biggest events included a shout out from 5 Lives Studio on the Satellite Reign Kickstarter page, Damon's Reddit AMA, an article in Polygon and interviews in various other blogs and news sites, and a strong social media buzz from all our fans clamoring on our behalf. Slowly but surely, the words used to describe our campaign turned into "We're gonna make it!"
And then we did. We doubled our backer count in two days, contributing nearly half the $40K goal! Unbelievable!

We have many thanks to give and many of you fall into more than one category...

Thanks to our backers and fans! You gave as much as you could -- and then gave even more. Many of you doubled or even tripled your pledges. Our Twitter feed was constantly updated with tweets, retweets, and favorites. As of this post, the Kickstarter link has been shared on Facebook over 3,700 times. Your energy and excitement was amazing! It kept us motivated and made us push even harder.

Thanks to the press for covering our game and helping us reach a wider audience! We also appreciate that many of you posted your articles as soon as you could just to give us an extra boost.

Finally, thanks to our family and friends! You've put up with our constant pestering, and some of you paid money for a game you don't even want! On top of all this, you've supported and encouraged us every step of the way. A special super-thanks to all of you who put in massive pledges.

Now we can actually get back to finishing the game. We'll keep you updated with everything, but now it's time to catch up on some sleep.
Thanks again, everyone! We couldn't have asked for a better OP community!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

OH!! - We started our Kickstarter!

In our crazy rush to market the game, we forgot to post that we've started our Kickstarter! Two days in and we're already at 85 backers and nearly $3,000. We're expecting it will be a long uphill climb, but we're hopeful as we've got you -- our fans -- behind us.

Enough chattering. Check out the page and back us!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

New HD Trailer!

In long awaited anticipation of our Kickstarter campaign (don't worry it's coming very soon) we are really proud to bring you a brand spanking new shiny HD Organic Panic Trailer!
We wanted to do this for a couple of reasons, one was we wanted to show the game in High def to really show its details, and the other was to make it a little more punchy, the last trailer was a little slower to start.
We also put in the new Last limb Logo with sound fx.
Music and sound fx were created by Brett our new music and sound fx guy!

Check it out...

To View it on YouTube (I removed the link bar in the top of the player)

Our Kickstarter is coming soon and If you like this please help us and like our Facebook page here - 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

To E3 or not to E3 That is the question!...

Can starving game developers afford it, and will we even be seen? - This year we decided not to go to E3. I think amongst the clamor for Xbox one and PS4 it would have been hard to be seen without a demo or booth, but many other things are moving forward...

We are going to Games For Change next week the 17th-19th - We'll just be doing our usual roaming around, but it should be a good opportunity to network, see press and show our game wherever we can.

Other news...
Damon has been busy doing a Kickstarter rough cut, and I have been building out a new trailer, this time with HD footage, some new character shots and a new Last Limb logo animation.

Fruit & Veggies - Line up and are Ready

Meats & Cheese's show off their technological weaponry - and boxing gloves

Finally we did a little LastLimb logo animation for promotional pieces

We've also had a lot better Marketing outreach thanks to JP our marketing wizkid! - he's really helped get the twitter and Facebook pages more active, and we've had some great online previews...

IndieStatik did a great write-up about Organic Panic here...

"Let The Fruit Juices Fly In Organic Panic

At first, I thought the idea of an old apple and a carrot fighting some other fruit with magical powers to be a little underwhelming. And if Organic Panic consisted of just that, then I have to admit that it probably would be a very dull game, unless you have a fetish for fruit-punching each other, causing their juices to spray all over the place. Describing it like that leads me to believe that there are probably people who are into that exact thing – fruit gush. Anyway, my mind suddenly did a 180 when I saw the water physics in the game’s trailer."

Another good piece by PCGamer...

"Organic Panic has fruit fighting back against meat in destructible puzzle levels

Organic Panic is what happens when destructible environments and robust level editing powers get blended up with a puzzle-platformer, ridiculous characters and a generous handful of kale. (I’m just guessing on the kale. I don’t know the real recipe.)"

Also this one has some funny comments  to boot....Perhaps a Meatboy tie in wouldn't be a bad idea!

See the full article here...

Watch this space - Kickstarter soon!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Update - Screenshots and New YouTube Preview (Indie Spotlight)

Couple new screenshots where the camera is pulled back and more of the level is revealed...

Here Kiwi blocks the flow of water, allowing him to swim to the exit portal and drowning the bewildered Meat & Cheese.
Another Mayhem level, Kiwi needs to lure Cheddar to fire his rocket and blast a hole in the wall so he can escape.
We took these screen-grabs to help with our press releases which we should be sending out next week.

Kyle Lock of Indie Spotlight previews Organic Panic, and compares it to worms, in fact he says it looks more exciting than worms, this comparison to worms has been said before and it's really good to hear your game compared to a legendary title like Worms.

(Organic Preview starts around 2:30 seconds)

Thanks Kyle!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Friday, May 10, 2013

Kickstarter - Video shoot Day 2

On the second day we drove out to Jersey City to meet our super funky talented background and design artist Sylvia!
Sylvia has been around from the early days of Gaia and has really helped us refine and nail the cute yet dark background style. She has worked closely with Damon to get all the background elements animatable within the game. An essential part of the kickstarter campaign is hiring her to do another 10 or so more backgrounds, this helps set Organic Panic's gameplay atmosphere and story development.

Sylvia on the throne of creativity  
Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, quite well 
Joe - Ready, Steady Shoot!
Sylvia at ease in front of a camera
Damon explains what a Higgs Boson is, Sylvia does her best to listen
But eventually her eyes glaze over and Damon is on his own

And the whole crew messing up her bed (finally a shot where I'm center stage!)
In the end Sylvia turns out to be one of our most eloquent artist in front of the camera, and we got a ton of footage interviewing and just having fun with her.

Kickstarter - Video shoot Day 1

After a good amount of planning, scripting and organizing we started our first 2 days of filming for our kickstarter video. With the help of Joe, our talented cameraman/editor - we made some creative fun shoots.  It was also really good to be working with someone who knew what they were doing behind a camera, it left the 2 of us to argue/direct the shoots, although we did shoot from small digital camera's too, to give different angle's on the action. Overall we got some great footage and insights into the brilliant if slightly crazy minds of the artist...well all of us, actually!

Joe setting up the camera, lights and sound
Joe - nice smile...
Joe - scary smile, don't put a gun in this man's hands
Joe and Damon setting up
OOPS too late!
Damon ready to film
Day 1 Jesse's Place -
Our first port of call was Jesse, our character concept artist, perhaps a little shy of word but definitely not shy of pen, in no time he was cracking us up with his expressive character designs. In another post we'll go into one of the ongoing character designs for apple, currently under progress. We'll also let our  Kickstarter supporters vote for their preferred design on a new character we are currently bringing into the story.

Here Anatole clearly shows Jesse how to draw correctly!
Jesse making life where there was none before
Starting something new?
A sneak peak into a new character forming!
Day 1 Brad's Place -
After our morning visit to Jesse's place in south park-slope we took a stroll to Brad's digs about a 10 minute walk away. We couldn't believe our eyes when he opened the huge red door (from the era of horse n cart) and we went up some industrial steps to his crazy cool Brooklyn loft apartment.

Setting up the shoot
Terrapin working hard to get attention
Brad's ready!
"Gimmi the camera or the comic artist gets it"
Joe - let me just precariously climb up this ladder and fix something
Brad "Please don't fall through my window, I've just cleaned my veranda"
Day 1 - We think the shoots went pretty well, it was a good learning experience, we plan on using the footage for the initial Kickstarter promotional trailer and also a couple of insider look videos, into the processes behind Organic Panic.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Some updated screenshots

Organic Panic - some of our nicer in-game shots...

Coconut contemplating the meaning of living in a 2D universe
Carrot narrowly misses the Electrogun, aiming jump through the portal quick!
Kiwi enjoying some sub-aqua chilling, while all around hell breaks loose
Cherry dance's to the tune of pulverized Hamshanks
Soon we'll be bringing you some new screenshots, that we hope will catch some more of the physics mayhem experienced in Organic Panic.