Monday, May 9, 2011

Update on new version - Where we're at?

Just a quick update to say we are finally building levels, testing for bugs (lots of bugs) and starting basic game testing, in the coming weeks we hope too...

  1. Build a preliminary set of levels to play test
  2. Bring in friends and children of friends to game test and get feedback
  3. Refine the level editor so its even easier to use
  4. Build out the UI and level progression story
  5. Put the sounds back and add new ones for the bad guys, objects and pickups.
  6. Create more Background environments, at present we have one (Sunny Hills) and we want to build at least another 7 or so for the alpha
From there we will create a new video demo taking the next steps forward by going public, marketing and then looking for financial support to take the game to completion.

An early comic cut-scene where Carrot runs for his life before discovering his elemental powers!

Shortly I will be posting on our mean intentioned antagonists (the bad guys) Meats n Cheese's.