Thursday, January 27, 2011

Our Second Demo Video

Below is our second video created later in 2009, here we can see lava, molten rock and fire effecting ice. Also some more enemy characters have been implemented, plus there is a further demonstration of the level editor.

This was created nearly 2 years ago, it was a lot of fun to play, and it seemed like kids (10 year old's) picked it up and took to it more easily than adults.

Since then the game has evolved and changed much! we have added and improved in all areas from the characters, to material types and look, to implementing special object types. in the next weeks/months we shall create a new demo video showing off many of the new features, hopefully leading up to a alpha version of the title.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Oh What a bunch of Characters...

Here's our lead player characters, rendered in 3d (which is how all the characters are animated) they are our Organic protagonists each with their own magical ability.

Our Character development was greatly helped by the superb talents of our concept artist Jesse Aclin, who really helped us give the characters their personalities. 

Below you will find some of the work already finished from concept to 3d - when I get some time I will render out some of their animations so you can see their expressions and motions more clearly.

Cherry is small and fast, perky, she fires the material she is standing on as a projectile

Coconut is a Big, strong but a little shy, his magical ability allows him to manipulate gravity
Kiwi is our Australian quack! super athletic, kiwi can swim, climb and jump like no other, he shoots water as his magical ability
Carrot is more anarchical he's a good climber and shoots fire as his magical ability
Pineapple is not bright but he is strong and can manipulate any material he is standing on (currently on hold for the alpha)

Banana can raise up a storm of wind as his magical ability (currently on hold for the alpha)
We also have some future plans for more fun fruity (or Veggie) protagonists, some current ideas are a Broccoli Granny and a Asparagus Aristocrat, but please feel free to add any ideas for characters you would like to see!

Our First Demo Video

Organic Panic is a wacked out fun mix of side scrolling puzzle solving, real physics (including Water, wind and fire) and freeform level building and sharing.

Your protagonists are magically endowed Organic fruit - Kiwi, Coconut, Banana, Cherry, etc fighting against technology touting (guns and rocket launchers) Meats n Cheeses, you use your skills and magical abilities to traverse levels, solve puzzles and defeat the nasty Meats n Cheeses.

 Below was our first video created about 2 years ago, at this stage the characters are in their basic form and were not developed out yet...

This give you a idea of where we started, as you can see the characters and texturing was very basic, towards the end you can see some early concepts for the background art and characters, in the next video you can see some improvements to the overall quality of the game, including some of the new characters.

Organic Panic Begins - Introduction

Hi! - welcome our blog, my name is Anatole Branch, and together with my brother Damon, we will journal the development of our pride and joy Organic Panic.

Organic Panic has been in development for over 3 years, and has been through quite a involved process already. We are now aiming for alpha in the coming months, in which we will be level building, game-play testing and refining and bug hunting and fixing. depending on how this process goes we hope to release first on the Xbox live platform then across multiple platforms from PC to Wii and also to the iphone and android platforms. First we will try to release on the Xbox live platform as that is where it's code roots lie.

Organic Panic was originally conceived by Damon about 4 years ago, he is the programming wiz behind all of the technological work in the game. I came on board in '08 and function as the Art Director we have been developing this together since. Later in the blog I will tell you more about our history together in game development.


We will also be looking for funding, as this game has been built with zero financial backing and is really a project from the hearts of everybody who has helped bring it this far. I have to say especially this for Damon who has really sacrificed everything to make this game work, he has lived and breathed this game with no income for about 2 years now. We now think as we are closer that we can possibly get across the finish line on our own or possibly with minimal funding. We will also be looking at some online funding models like Kickstarter and see how viable these are.

What is Organic Panic?

A Screen capture from our demo in the summer of '09
Organic (as we tend to abbreviate it) mixes a platform, cutzy action puzzle solver, based in a completely physically realistic environment, everything in this environment is transmutable, meaning nearly all physically properties apply, water can freeze, rubber melts and creates smoke, acid burns through metal but not glass, wood floats on water, materials can be solid, liquid and gaseous.

The levels can be easily created, players can draw (with many simple tools), build traps/obstacles with pistons, engines etc add liquids, fire, objects and opponents.

Pineapple ducks as Hotdog blasts his flamethrower
 Later we plan on creating a completely user created, shared and rated league for players to challenge each other and complete in recorded time.

Next I will post our first video created 2 years ago, which will give you a much better idea of where we are going.