Friday, January 11, 2013

Screen Shots

Here are some of our latest in-game screen shots - we are about to put together a new promotional video and we wanted to show some of the in-game action.

Cherry can use her magic to blast enemies to shreds, and special magic to burrow through the ground.

Kiwi from down under can swim like a fish, and blast a stream of water, not unlike your regular Aussie after a few brewskies!

Coconut can use the power of Telekinesis to move things with his mind, and with special magic can even levitate.

And last but not least, Carrot - He's a bit of a rebel and likes to heat things up with fire and Punk Rock Electric 'Air' guitar.

Teamwork - can our Fruit and Veg work together to solve these puzzles?

Soon will follow a post with a new video!

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