Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Our First Demo Video

Organic Panic is a wacked out fun mix of side scrolling puzzle solving, real physics (including Water, wind and fire) and freeform level building and sharing.

Your protagonists are magically endowed Organic fruit - Kiwi, Coconut, Banana, Cherry, etc fighting against technology touting (guns and rocket launchers) Meats n Cheeses, you use your skills and magical abilities to traverse levels, solve puzzles and defeat the nasty Meats n Cheeses.

 Below was our first video created about 2 years ago, at this stage the characters are in their basic form and were not developed out yet...

This give you a idea of where we started, as you can see the characters and texturing was very basic, towards the end you can see some early concepts for the background art and characters, in the next video you can see some improvements to the overall quality of the game, including some of the new characters.

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